Overlaxed's Locations - Global On-Demand Presence

View below where our 7 DC Countries USA/CA/UK/NL/DE/SG/AU locations are on the map.

Eygelshoven, Netherlands - New DC Location in which we will offer our Bare-Metal Physical Servers.

Wherever you are - Our (2/7) locations cover low-latency connections to most countries across the globe. Choose the best available location.

Best Connection For

If you are in North/South America, then the recommended locations are US or Canada.

Best Connection For

If you are in Europe or Africa, then the recommended locations are the Netherlands (Amsterdam/Eygelshoven), the UK, or Frankfurt.

Best Connection For

If you are in the Middle East or Asia, then the recommended locations are the Netherlands (Amsterdam/Eygelshoven) or Singapore.

Best Connection For

If you are in Australia or New Zealand, then the recommended locations are the Netherlands (Amsterdam/Eygelshoven) or Australia.

Bandwidth in Numbers:

From 1Gbps Up to 10/100Gbps

Questions You May Have

When is each DC location launching?

The launching/availability date of the next DC Location(s) is currently undefined. The ETA will expedite for each launching DC location as your partnership and contribution grow while getting the most Premium Quality Servers.

Which location should I pick for a low-latency connection?

Always choose the nearest Available DC location to your physical location. For example, if you are located in Africa, the Middle East, or Asia, choose one of Europe’s available DC locations. See the “Best Connection For” section for more details.

Can I migrate from a DC location to another?

That may be possible in some cases. To request migration availability to another available DC location, contact us using one of our channels.

Is there any difference between each Data Centers?

Some Data Center locations are more qualified than others for latency, pinging, need, and faster network speed availability. You will find more information about the Connection/Network Speed and Amount of Bandwidth Available under each plan.

Is there a bandwidth limit on the Overlaxed Plans?

Generally, the Bandwidth is Unlimited (Fair Usage) on most of our plans in the Overlaxed DC Locations, unless stated otherwise under a specific plan/DC Location.

Bare-Metal Physical Dedicated Servers

From £$€ 89.99/mo
  • Perfect for Everything including Virtualization
  • 100% Dedicated RAM
  • 100% Dedicated CPU
  • Exclusive Discounts, Deals & Offers
  • And more features..

GIANT Servers

From £$€ 150/mo
  • Cloud-Based on Top Hardware
  • Highest Resources
  • Perfect For Heaviest Demand
  • And more features..

Premium VPS Servers

From £$€ 9/mo
  • SSD Disks
  • Ultra Premium Quality
  • Speed From 1Gbps
  • Full Root Access
  • And more features..

Lightweight Linux Servers

From £$€ 8/mo
  • Perfect for Hosting & Streaming
  • Private Containers
  • Lightening Speed
  • And more features..

Performant Gaming Servers

From £$€ 25/mo
  • NVMe SSD Disk
  • Android Emulator Servers
  • Platinum GPU
  • AMD Ryzen
  • And more features..