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Giant Servers

Our GIANT Servers

Discover our GIANT Servers Range Born to Fulfill Your Ultimate Desires In Cloud Computing, Possessing An Exceptional High-End Hardware For All Types of Projects. Now you can order giant servers extendable to 1TB of RAM and 64 CPU Cores Honorably Waiting For high performance computing and AI applications usage or Your Other Professional ambitions!

Giant Servers

2 DC Locations

North America DC







Configure & Order

  • GIANT-64GB


INTEL® XEON® 16 Cores

250GB NVMe SSD Disk

£$€ 134.99/mo | 404.99/qu

  • GIANT-100GB

100GB DDR4

INTEL® XEON® 22 Cores

400GB NVMe SSD Disk

£$€ 164.99/mo | 484.99/qu

  • GIANT-136GB

136GB DDR4

INTEL® XEON® 28 Cores

550GB NVMe SSD Disk

£$€ 194.99/mo | 594.99/qu





~ £$€ /cycle

Europe DC







Configure & Order

  • GIANT-128GB

128GB DDR4

AMD EPYC™ 16 Cores

150GB Enterprise SSD Disk

£$€ 149.99/mo | 399.00/qu

  • GIANT-256GB

256GB DDR4

AMD EPYC™ 24 Cores

200GB Enterprise SSD Disk

£$€ 199.99/mo | 499.99/qu

  • GIANT-384GB

384GB DDR4

AMD EPYC™ 32 Cores

250GB Enterprise SSD Disk

£$€ 249.99/mo | 599.99/qu

  • GIANT-1024GB

1024GB DDR4

AMD EPYC™ 64 Cores

300GB Enterprise SSD Disk

£$€ 349.99/mo | 899.99/qu





~ £$€ /cycle

Why Our GIANT Servers

Vastly Scalable

With our Giant Servers, You can scale as you go for the best flexibility with your projects.


Perfect Components

Each plan is Incorporated of the best hardware components for Your most intensive projects.

Lowest Costs

We are confident that you can't get the lowest rate-per-specs anywhere, in the world of cloud computing.

Exceptional Resources

All of the Giant Servers consume fairly unlimited resources to support your heaviest projects consumption.

Dedicated Servers System Upgrade

Constant Updates

Giant Servers get constant performance and tweaks updates as long as it's maintained, 24/7.

Extendable Anytime

You can extend your plan anytime to any higher interval from your control panel or via custom request, 24/7.

Questions You May Have

Please read our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy thoroughly to avoid any complications. You can use them for High performance computing (HPC) as an example.

GIANT Servers are Not Meant To Be Dedicated Servers, they have a high amount of assigned resources however they are hosted in a shared environment with neighbors. IF you are looking for dedicated slices of resources "Dedicated Servers" please go to our Dedicated Servers Page.

Yes, after ordering a giant server and it's processed, you will be able to control it from the Control Panel.

This gigantic server type is for the heaviest and most intensive resources projects and professional usage, they are the most powerful server type Overlaxed provides and you'll probably uncommonly see in the world, ready for you!

We are famous for "We Give The Best Deal" and we don't want to change that even with servers that reach 1TB of RAM & 64 Cores!

You will always get the best deal on every server type from Overlaxed. see our Feedback page to feel confident taking your services to another level of earnings.

Yes you can, just reach out to our Sales Department team on Telegram or Help Center, to discuss and request a custom invoice of your favorite specifications with the best deal ever!

Below is a detailed list of the available Windows Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2012R2
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022

Learn more about the available Linux & Application Operating Systems offered, Here.

You may use a VPN software inside your VPS Server. List of Confirmed Compatible VPNs: HMA VPN - Avast Secureline VPN - AVG Secure VPN - Malwarebytes Privacy VPN - ExpressVPN.

You can order additional configurations (such as IPs, Disk Storage etc) when ordering the DServer by selecting the appropriate available configuration option you need.

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