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Linux VPS Servers

Our Linux VPS Servers

Explore our Fast, Lightweight & cheap Linux VPS servers now with all the features you need - hosted on the best hardware configs in the world & top-tier DC Locations. for your hosting, streaming usage and beyond.
Only Overlaxed, Gives you the best deal™

Linux VPS Servers

4 DC Locations

Multiple Linux & Application Operating Systems available for your desired Linux VPS plan.







Select & Configure



Intel® Xeon® 2vCPUs

40GB SSD Disk

£$€ 7.99/mo | 19.99/qu



Intel® Xeon® 4vCPUs

80GB SSD Disk

£$€ 11.99/mo | 27.99/qu



Intel® Xeon® 8vCPUs

120GB SSD Disk

£$€ 15.99/mo | 41.99/qu



Intel® Xeon® 12vCPUs

160GB SSD Disk

£$€ 19.99/mo | 51.99/qu





~ £$€ /cycle

Why Our Linux Servers

Many Linux & App OS's

Ubuntu, Debian & CentOS Linux and Applications OS's are available to order right with your server(s).

Lightweight & Fast

Our Premium Linux Servers are Extremely Lightweight & Fast containers just for your needs.

Private Containers

When you order an Overlaxed Linux Server, you're directly renting a container with your OS Just For Your Use.

Dedicated Servers System Upgrade

Next-Gen Hardware

Our Linux Servers are hosted on the One Best Hardware you can find online on Intel® Processors, backed by Top-Tier DCs.


High performance

Hosted on our Ultra-Enhanced Nodes, An Overlaxed Top-Class Performance Experience is Guaranteed.

Scalable & Extendable

Scale-Boundlessly to as much as your business demand, no limits and subscribe for up to yearly interval for peace of mind.

Questions You May Have

How much does it take to provision my Linux VPS server?

Usually, your Linux/App VPS server will automatically start provision within a few minutes/hours depending on the quantity and time of order. Upon making an order, you will receive an Overlaxed Order Confirmation email with a similar ETA.

Please note: this excludes custom Linux Server plans and only refers to pre-available packages here.

What are the Linux & Application Operating Systems offered?

Learn more about the available Linux & Application Operating Systems offered, Here.

Is the Linux VPS server resources private or shared?

Linux servers are hosted on private-resource container that does not share any memory or cpu power with other containers.

Are the ports open?

All Linux servers has Anti-DDoS Protection with Firewall, most of the Ports are open

Is IP Spoofing/IPHM Allowed?

IP Spoofing is not enabled. It is allowed ONLY under an exception, the compliance by the Terms of Service & Acceptable Use Policy, other than that it's not allowed and will lead to termination.

What usage is allowed?

General activities like; Web Hosting, FTP Hosting, Cloud Hosting, DB Hosting... VPN Hosting and such are Allowed but not limited to. Illegal activity that harms and violate govt laws are not tolerated

How scalable/extendable are the Linux servers?

Yes, all Servers are hardware and software scalable with nearly no limits up to your needs, Including but not limited to; Memory, vCPU, Storage. Subscription can be extended up to a year or more per your request.

My Question Is Not Here, What Do I Do?

If you did not find your answer in this FAQ, browse our Help Center or get in touch with the Customer Support Team by submitting a ticket. Or use our live chat widget on the bottom right corner to chat with an agent.

For full info on how and when to reach Us, check this article.

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