Overlaxed Presents: Cloudy. The Best, Cheapest And Most Secure Cloud Storage You'll Ever See. A secure seamless experience is our promise.

Store any file

Keep photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos, documents and more all in one isolated place. You'll love it - we promise.

Access Anywhere

You can access Cloudy anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and any supported device as any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Share And Collaborate

With one click - Quickly invite others to view, download, and collaborate on all the files you have. Whenever you want.

Cloudy is Overlaxed's Exclusive Cloud Storage Service Powered In Secure Infrastructure Provides The Cheapest Monthly and Yearly Subscriptions, contains more than 10 features and of course covered by a Real Customer Support Live Chat & Via E-mail.

While Cloudy is Not restricted to the files and data that can be uploaded, there must be an Acceptable Use to prevent abuse or misuse, and we believe that with some common sense and respect to the human values there should be no issue.

Store your files safely

Store your all your files in Cloudy or backup a copy of them safe in super secure cloud infrastructure armed by a 2-Layer SSL encryption protection. Now With Cloudy you don't have to worry anymore, put them and forget them.

Top-Speed and Progress

Cloudy makes it fast to store your files. Usually people hates waiting while uploading their files. We put that into consideration, speed is Cloudy's second name.

Share and Collaborate

You want to share your files with your friend and family? With Cloudy you can make people see, manage, edit or download plus you can get a shareable link to download any file with ease.

Drag and Drop Upload

You can drag and drop multiple files into Cloudy and it will take care of the rest, no headache.

Instantly Preview Your Files

With Cloudy if you're not sure which is the right file to download, you have the option to click-and-preview: .jpg .png .pdf even audio and video files.

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looking for custom storage space quota?:

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Start Storing Your Photos, Videos & More!

Absolutely. Cloudy is build and designed with privacy in mind in a Top-Secure isolated servers encrypted with a private key, with 99.9999% durability meaning 0.0001% data loss (non-existent). The security team is always working on improving and patching new security holes. We know you hate the big cloud storage companies prying on you that’s why we launched our Cloud Storage. Enjoy storing in private now.

You can store any file or file type in Cloudy as long as it meets our Acceptable Use.

Files such as:  Photos, Videos, Pdf, Documents, Applications, Stories, Designs, Drawings, Recordings and more..

File Types such as: .jpg .png .exe .pdf .svg .doc .txt .html .zip

Yes, you can request a custom storage space if your personal or business need requires more space OR if you exhausted your current storage space. To request, contact us using this contact form with your Cloudy account name.

5GB is the Default File Upload Limit however if your file requires more thank than, please Contact Us.

For Cloudy, use our live chat or this contact form to reach us and we’ll be back to you asap.

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